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Asylum 2.02

This new version of Asylum fixes the high-score table/finishing level crashing problem :) Jeffrey says it was caused by Asylum trying to draw from a nonexistent sprite pool - it was fixed by a recompilation of FastSpr from the GameSuite sources.

Download (367K). v2.02, 14 Dec 2002.

SDL Asylum

This is a cross-platform conversion of the Asylum source to C, using the SDL library. See the SourceForge pages for more details.

SDL Asylum SourceForge page

Older versions

Asylum 2.01

This version of Asylum is patched by Jeffrey Lee. The changes are:

  • Full StrongARM compatibility. In previous versions, there was a graphical glitch in the background sprite, due to the use of self-modifying code.
  • The Mode 13 option now works.
  • All filenames have the correct case again, unlike 2.00.
  • The correct version number is listed in the info window, again unlike 2.00. A note has also been added to say that the game is now freeware, and has been bug-fixed by Jeffrey Lee. (Who also provided most of the information and files for this section of the site.)
Download (367K). v2.01, 30 Nov 2002.

Version 2.00

This version was gleaned from the Kosovo charity CD (Thanks Michael!). Added to this version was:

  • The option to use Mode 49 on VGA monitors instead of Mode 13.
  • Risc PC compatibility (the instructions state this, but we've never had any trouble running the earlier version on an RPC).
  • Files have been compressed using the Hammer module.
  • All level files are now inside the application.

Bugs/anomalies are:

  • The aforementioned graphical glitch on StrongARM machines.
  • Mode 49 can be a bit flickery, especially on the menus.
  • The option to use Mode 13 on Risc PC machines does not work.
  • All the filenames are upper-case, as this was sourced unarchived from CD - although this wouldn't have been the case originally.
  • Despite the info window stating this is version 1.00, it is version 2, as the instructions state.
  • Because Mode 49 isn't exactly the same size as Mode 13, some of the screen area is chopped off.
Download (367K). v2.00, Date unknown.

Version 1.00

This is the original 2 floppy disc version of Asylum. This works fine, apart from the graphical glitch on StrongARM machines.

Download (472K). v1.00, 22nd Nov 1993.


Version 2.00

From Acorn User CD 1, April 1995. The demo of Asylum, which includes one brain level and one cell level, neither of which appear in the actual game. Most of the comments that apply to version 2 of the full game apply here, although the filenames are in the correct case.

Download asd200.arc (261K). v2.00, Date unknown.

Version 1.00

From the March 1994 Acorn Computing MegaDisk. Again, the same comments apply as the full version.

Download (256K). v1.00, 22nd Nov 1993.

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