19th May 2019

  • Added an Asylum maps page, containing some map renders created by Adam Sulmicki.

13th April 2019

9th July 2007

  • Added various links to Hugh Robinson's SDL Asylum port.
  • Fixed links to AcornArcade that became broken following the Arcade/IconBar merge.
  • Removed the contact form from the contact page, since it's been broken the past few years and we never bothered updating the page to say so!

13th October 2004

Asylum Music page added. Excellent.

28th September 2004

  • Uploaded version 0.06 of nobrainer, main changes being fixes to the sprite headers in the level/backfile output. Updated readme page to suit.
  • Replaced the missing images on the nobrainer page and uploaded a replacement Surgeon screenshot.

27th September 2004

14th July 2003

21st June 2003

Bloody hell. Ages since the last update. Sorry; we've both been busy with exams, and our other websites. Just a few minor changes today:

  • Added link to Stats. Data exists for since the site was launched, but we've only just remembered to link to them.
  • Added links to John's site ( and Jeffrey's site (
  • Fixed a few validation errors. The WDG HTML Validator is wonderful; unlike the W3C Validator you can check your entire site, instead of a page at a time. Marvellous.
  • Fixed a few stylesheet bits and pieces for Mozzy.

There will be a proper content update soon; and the level design competition hasn't been forgotten. With exams out of the way for a lot of you, it may be the ideal time...

13th March 2003

9th February 2003

23rd January 2003

22nd January 2003

15th January 2003

Sorry there hasn't been any updates for a bit - a combination of me being lazy and me being bone-idle. There should be an update next week. However, Andy Southgate has turned up on The Iconbar forums and given us all some fascinating trivia about the making of Asylum. Cheers Andy; good luck with all you're doing now.

17th December 2002

  • Asylum 2.02 released, which fixes the high-score table/end of level crashing problem.
  • Jeffrey's miscellaneous utilities updated to include new, crash-free, version of the FastSpr module. Online !Readme file also updated.
  • Updated the PFAQ question on Asylum crashes to reflect the fix.
  • nobrainer archive updated to include revised !ReadMe to clear up confusion on how nobrainer handles Hammer files. (The online !ReadMe was updated a few days ago). The Blocks file is also updated to point people to the site for a better version.

16th December 2002

14th December 2002

12th December 2002

11th December 2002

  • Site online.

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